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fat-gamesI am ridiculously addicted to The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t. To give you a little perspective, I’ve already played this more than any other game in history.

Usually I get bored with games pretty easily, sometimes never actually completing them if game time lasts longer than eight hours or so, though there are a few exceptions.

With my first character, who I became dissatisfied with, I logged a little over twenty-five hours with. Twenty-five hours, only to abandon the character and make a new one, who I have spent a little over three hours on already.

I don’t know about you, but twenty-eight hours of game time and counting is something I think most people would attribute to a MMORPG these days, or something like Baldur’s Gate way back in the day. But, no, Oblivion is a single-player only RPG. Like an online casino game, you just play by yourself and hope for the best.

So how can I, a gaming cynic, love a game so much? I think a lot of it has to do with the sheer perfection in almost every aspect of the game. The graphics are gorgeous, you can view a few screenshots I have taken while playing on my system by clicking on the thumbnail above. The action is fantastic, a real joy to do battles this time around as opposed to how it was in Morrowind. The voice acting, again, stupendous. The quests and story lines? Convincing, imersive, and just wonderful.

I’m going to mention this aspect on it’s own line because it’s incredibly important: The music, and sound design, in Oblivion is to die for. I spent about fifteen minutes on auto-walk just trekking through the wilderness, lost in this sublime feeling of tranquility that was a result of the music combining with the peaceful sounds of my feet stomping through grass, the wind rustling the trees, and a few crickets and other bugs that I passed by.

I really don’t know how they did it, but Oblivion is almost worth buying just to have as a wilderness simulator. Screw actually going outside, I can go camping in Oblivion and it’s just as realistic, aside from the fact that I don’t get attacked by rabid wolves and boars in reality. In fact I gained a lot of weight just sitting for hours playing this game.

I had to do something about it as I was really getting fat. As I do not like the gym or dieting I was looking for an alternative solution to trim some unwanted pounds and this is when I came across garcinia cambogia liquid, a totally natural dietary supplement.

The main quest is a bit on the short side, and is extremely linear. It’s alright though, because there are several guilds with full story lines and quests to partake in. (The Dark Brotherhood quest line is actually leaps and bounds better than the main game quest, and would also be another buying point in my opinion. Maybe the other guild’s quest lines are just as good? I will find out I suppose.)

There is not really much more I can say. I’ll just summarize with a few feelings. I have never been quite so immersed in a game world before. This is really the first RPG where I actually feel like I am role-playing in some way. In most RPGs I have just been the guy who runs around and bashes things with his sword, there never seemed to be any pay off in trying to play anything different.

In Oblivion I am a stealth assassin, a member of the Dark Brotherhood who takes pride in working for the Night Mother; killing for my Dread Father, Sithis; and working with the other members of my Family. Even when I venture outside of the Dark Brotherhood story line, I still feel as if I am working for the Dark Brotherhood deep down. There is an eerie since of pride I have for my character and my actions in the game.

It’s strange, but really amazing. I don’t think you can find a game finer than this. Admittedly there are low points (third person view is retarded and useless, but who cares? graphics can lag even on an uber-system, but at least it’s still better than having it on 360 and not being able to download user-made mods that fix some of the issues), but they are outshone by the excellence the rest of the game is soaked in.

Managing your finance on your mobile

mobile-financeNowadays your mobile is your main access to the Internet and the flurry of products available there. Mobile usage has risen exponentially in recent history, and therefore gaming and trading operators are all rushing to make sure they can offer the best mobile experience. One thing you can now do easily from your mobile phone is manage your finances in the New Year.

Unless you’re living an especially frugal life, the chances are you’ll be feeling a little short of cash when the festive period is over. Christmas is a time when most of us spend much more than we usually would on food, decorations and gifts for friends and family – and many of us will be forced to rein things in at least a little once the New Year begins.

However, not everyone finds this easy. If you’re wondering where you’re going to start, here are a few pointers for getting back on top of things in the New Year.

If you have extra cash invest wisely. Managing your cash and looking for the best yield for your available money is the best way to grow your wealth over the long run. So beware of risky investments like binary trading or forex trading, and instead invest cautiously in certificates of deposits or government bonds.

The road to financial independence is small but consistent capital growth every month. The ideal portfolio composition is some Blue Chip stocks, some bonds, some real estate type earning and some certificates of deposits. But avoid the volatility of products offering short-term gains, as often it is short-term loss you will get.

Step back and look at your finances. It’s easy to feel a bit overwhelmed when money is tight, so sometimes it’s a good idea to take a step back and have a proper look at your finances.

For example, how much are you spending on your essential commitments (things like rent/mortgage payments, bills and food) every month? How much more are you spending on things that aren’t so important? Is your income covering all your costs? These are all important things that not everybody pays enough attention to.

By looking at your finances and putting a proper budget plan together, you’ll better understand your money, and this is the first step to getting your finances in order.

Make a few cutbacks. The next step is to look at areas in which you could cut back. Most of us waste a bit of money here and there – for example, are you paying more than necessary for your gas and electricity? Then switch. Are you still paying for a gym membership that you never use? Cancel it. Giving your finances a ‘spring clean’ could make more of a difference than you may realise.

If in doubt, get help. Don’t wait until you’re in real trouble before you get help with your finances. There is plenty of free help available, and the sooner you take advantage of this, the easier it should be to improve your situation.

An adviser might be able to help you with budgeting, or they may be able to point out areas for improvement in your budgeting that you hadn’t spotted. If your problem is more serious and you have debts that are causing you real problems, they could also help you find an appropriate debt solution. Whatever the case, don’t leave it until it’s too late.

The Best Women’s Mobile Apps

woman-mobileGreat applications change the way you interact with the world on a daily basis. They can make your life easier in the simplest of ways. Many apps are dedicating themselves towards improving the lives of women all over the world. As a result, the market for female driven and targeted applications has increased exponentially in the past several years.

Some of the top applications feature help moms dealing with parenting issues. Others give women fashion and beauty advice. If there is any kind of problem a woman encounters, chances are she can find help via an application.

The following apps have proven themselves when it comes to popularity amongst women. Some provide entertainment while others offer more serious help. Most are available on both Android and iOS operating systems. Take a look at them, and you might find exactly what you needed to make life easier.


Cozi is one of the best family organizers on the market. It is a free application that helps moms keep everything you need to run the household in one location. Cozi keeps any kind of list readily available from grocery necessities to spelling words. The app even lets you enter journal entries to mark your progress and goals on its built in calendar.

This is an easy application to use and follow thanks to a streamlined interface. Cozi even integrates with other devices via email, social media, texting and more. This keeps the whole family abreast of everything that is going on. Cozi is a must for any woman with a busy schedule full of family activities. This application is available on Android, and it is in the Apple store.


There are hundreds of fashion related apps across the mobile app marketplace. However, this one is easily one of the most popular thanks to its user friendly layout and large following. Stylebook is a virtual closet that lets you keep track of all your pieces from shoes to accessories. Think of this app a modern version of Cher’s expansive closet from “Clueless.”

You have access to all your clothes in one location without the need to riffle through drawers or garment bags. Instead, pop open Stylebook and create a killer outfit. It will be like shopping only with things you already own! Chances are you forgot about some of the items in your closet, and this application help remind you that there is still plenty to choose from.


Pose is another great style app that keeps your informed of all the latest trends and pulls inspiration from looks across the globe. This application lets you share pictures of your outfits with other users. You can follow and like your favorite trendsetters as you discover the personal style of other fashionistas from Paris to Sydney.

It is also possible to shop with Pose thanks to tagged items that feature links to online stores. Pose is the ultimate style application for women who love to show off their wardrobe.

Retail Me Not

Retail Me Not offers a collection of daily coupons and sale summaries of all your favorite stores. If you are looking for a coupon to patriotic store, then you can easily search Retail Me Not. This is the ultimate shopping tool for women who love a good bargain. The app updates daily, and you will always have access to the latest codes and promotion.


This brilliant app lets you save any online page to read later when not connected to a network. If you need detailed directions or a read a cool recipe, but you do not have the time to look over it, then just save it for later! This app is perfect for people who like to save articles to read during commutes or while traveling. You will never be without the information you need when you download pages to Pocket. Reading offline has never been so easy.


This is another great mobile organizer. In fact, it is so popular that many consider it to be the only organizer worth downloading. Evernote is ideal for helping you remember everything from websites to dates. It lets you store pictures, voice notes, and even scribbles. This is like the ultimate sticky note, but on the go and with unlimited memory. This application is a must for anyone who likes organized clutter. Evernote keeps everything in one place no matter what the idea, thought, or picture.

What is a satellite tournament in poker?

A satellite tournament is a tournament that “feeds” a larger tournament. The prize for winning a satellite is a seat in a larger buy in tournament. Some satellite tournaments have “steps” and there are multiple levels of satellites before you reach the tournament that has cash prizes. This form is also referred to as a super satellite. Online satellites for live, in person, poker tournaments often include airfare and hotel as part of the prize package.

Satellite poker tournamentsHow do satellite tournaments change the correct strategy?

Satellite poker tournaments differ from normal tournaments of similar size because there are often less places paid out and the prize pool is flat. For example, a standard 10 person sit’n’go pays out 3 places. However, a common World Series of Poker Main Event satellite is a ten person $1000 buy-in tournament that pays out one entry to the main event. Now there is no value in coming in second or third and in situations where you would otherwise try to just hang on with a short stack and wait for others to bust, you may need to play more aggressively to acquire enough chips for first place.

The opposite happens in a very large tournament, say a 180 person satellite that is giving away ten seats. In a normal cash reward tournament first place would win several times as much as tenth place. When the first place and tenth place prizes are the same, just barely eking into the prize pool becomes a much more viable strategy.

The final consideration is that if you are playing satellite tournaments for the sake of selling the money (as you can do on sites that let you transfer tournament funds, such as Pokerstars) you need to consider that your prize will be reduced by however much of a discount you are giving when you sell the tournament vouchers. This is usually 1-5%.

What is the point of playing in a satellite tournament and why do poker sites offer them?

Some of you may be wondering why not just play in a normal tournament with cash prizes and just use the money you win there to buy a seat in the tournament. This is often true, but sometimes recreational players feel like they won’t have the discipline to not gamble cash prizes away elsewhere, so they prefer satellites. This makes satellites softer and consequently attracts some pros to play them with the intention to sell the tournament ticket if they win. Another potential reason to play a satellite is that the rake might be lower or the prize pool partially subsidized by the host of the main event. For new players I would only recommend playing in a satellite if you actually want to participate in the main tournament. Just be wary of the rake.

Satellite poker tournamentsPoker sites offer satellites because it is an excellent way to allow players with small bankrolls participate in large buy in tournaments and ensure that there is a good balance between professionals and fish to keep the tournament popular. In addition, it is a great public relations opportunity when a player who qualified via a satellite wins a tournament. The most famous example of this is when Chris Moneymaker won 2.5 million dollars after qualifying for the event by winning a $39 freeroll on Pokerstars. Sick life.